Shade Gaming Network Rules

Not knowing the rules does NOT mean you won't be punished for breaking them! Not following the rules can ruin the game for other players & will not be tolerated.
Always listen to admins/moderators. Breaking a rule more times can get you banned for longer time or permanently.
Click here to see how punishments exactly work.

Unturned Rules

1. Applies on ALL Shade Unturned server(s)!
Punishment: Permanent Ban.

Reason: Using any third-party software gives you an unfair advantage and makes good player rage and leaves server.
Punishment for Advertising other Unturned servers: Permanent Ban.
Punishment for Advertising other Game servers: Up to 1 day ban.
Punishment for Advertising Discord Servers, Websites or anything else: Kick, in case of continuing > Up to 1 day ban.

Exception: Advertising Twitch/Youtube link as streamer/youtuber is fine with the permission of the Owner, or admins.
Punishment: Up to 5 hours ban.

Good to Know: You can use any other language in group chat, area chat, voice chat or private messages (/pm).
Punishment: Up to 1 day ban.

Explanation: You insult someone when you are saying bad things about themselves or their family. Swearing at someone or wishing deadly diseases are also taken as insult.

Reason: There are some people who take it too serious. Games are meant to have fun, not to hurt others' feelings.
Punishment: Up to 8 hours ban.

Reason: Shade Gaming Network are international. You have to respect that and prevent saying anything bad about other races than yours.
Punishment: Up to 2 hours ban.

Reason: Spamming in chat moves away any useful information we share with the players.
Punishment: Up to 3 hours ban.

Explanation: Player names with offensive language are forbidden, You can not change your name in order to confuse, trick or troll other players either. You can not pretend to be someone else/someone new
Punishment for Glitch Raiding: Permanent Ban
Punishment for Glitch Base: Glitched Buildable Removal, in case of continuing > Up to Permanent Ban
Punishment for abuse of any other game glitch: Up to 1 day ban

Reason: Using game glitches is similar to use of third-party softwares, it gives you unfair advantage and makes others to quit the server.
2. Applies only on Shade Survival PvP server(s)!
Punishment: Vehicle removal by admin's choice.

- There is a limit when vehicles are spawning in Unturned.
- Too many vehicles might cause lag for players.
3. Applies only on Shade Arena server(s)!
4. Applies only on Shade Sandbox server(s)!